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Transparency Page

On this page, we would like to share important information about the transparency of our blog. We believe in the importance of providing clear and accurate information about how our content is produced and presented to readers. Below are the main points to highlight:

  1. Origins of Articles: All articles published on our blog are original and the responsibility for the content rests exclusively with the author of the text. We seek to provide information that is reliable and based on relevant sources, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of all information presented.

  2. Photos and Images: All images used on our blog are free to use, some of them generated by artificial intelligence especially for the blog. Whenever possible, we provide due credit to the authors of the images. If you find any image without proper attribution, please contact us so that we can promptly correct the error.

  3. Affiliates and Advertising: Our blog was built independently, without influence from any sponsor or advertiser. However, we are open to receiving relevant advertisements and affiliate programs. It is important to note that we do not sell any products directly, but we may direct readers to other sites for this purpose.

  4. Relationship with Political Positioning: Our blog has nothing to do with political positioning. Our aim is to provide unbiased and objective information covering a variety of topics aimed at an adult audience, especially over 50s. We seek to create an inclusive and respectful environment for all our readers, regardless of their political persuasions.

Thank you for your trust and interest in our blog. We are committed to promoting transparency in all our activities and providing quality content to our readers.

Yours sincerely,

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