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Vintage Teenager: Where Vitality and Experience Connect!

Welcome to the brand vintage teenager, where life experience meets vitality! We celebrate a convention-defying maturity and provide a unique space for you. Join our community and embark on fascinating discoveries.


Our mission is to stimulate enthusiasm, proactivity and energy in each one of us. Here, youth is measured by passion for life and the willingness to embrace the new and the unknown. We challenge limits imposed by society and embrace the beauty and wisdom of time.

Come be part of this journey with us.

Who is the vintage teenager behind this idea...

My name is Eliane Ramin and I was born in 1959!
I'm a vintage teenager.

My name is Eliane Ramin and I was born in 1959! I'm a vintage teenager.

I am not going to list here the 1001 activities and professions that I have already carried out, both in the health and artistic areas, as I would like to confine myself to talking about what motivated me to build this site. For those who know me best, they know that I am a hyperactive woman, full of energy and desire to achieve. It was this determination that led me to leave my country, Brazil, and start a doctorate course in theater at the University of Lisbon at the age of 62. When applying for this doctorate, I thought that, with my training and acceptance at the University of Lisbon, I would be able to apply for a scholarship. Both my neuroscience and art research and my CV would score me to be eligible. However, I came across an unforeseen event: the non-recognition of my master's degree by the School of Public Health at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Leaving aside the alleged, deeply unfair reasons for denying my recognition (they claimed that a dissertation defended and approved in 2002 was not "up to par" with the dissertations defended in 2022), I was prevented from applying for this scholarship that would enable me to continue my search.

However, I'm not the type to settle down. I decided to look for a "job" in Portugal, in any area, regardless of my previous training and curriculum. To my surprise, I realized that there was a reality that I had not been aware of until that moment: nobody employs 62-year-old "old" people!

But the old man is grandma! I'm a vintage teenager!

That's how I decided to invest in other areas, such as crafting resin accessories, the digital market and creating this website. I realized that, just like me, there is a paradigm shift in society: nowadays, and more and more, there will be active people aged 60, 70 and even more. 

I would like to share ideas, thoughts, possibilities, experiences with an audience that is not even cited as relevant to digital marketing media, but which grows alarmingly every day. Science prolongs life, and we vintage people are full of energy and possibilities to be explored and shared.

I invite you to walk this path with me! If you want to contact me personally, follow my email:

If you want to access my resume, follow the links below: 

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