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Portugal: Óbidos Village - History and Gaming in a Single Journey

Explore Portugal: the village of Óbidos, Portugal's vintage gem, where history and gaming intertwine. Discover a captivating place, filled with history and nostalgia, offering a unique and memorable experience with every visit.

Portugal is a country full of charming cities, each place with a story to tell, but today the vintage star is the Village of Óbidos. Óbidos is one of those places that we don't visit just once, as it not only preserves a rich and interesting history, but also carries a vintage atmosphere that enchants everyone who visits.

Medieval City - Illustration
Medieval City - Illustration

Óbidos is located in the district of Leiria, in the central region of Portugal, about 80 km away from Lisbon. The car access is quite easy, with the option of the highway towards Caldas da Rainha. However, if you're one of those who, like me, appreciate a rural landscape with views of cork oak fields and some small, picturesque towns along the way, then choose the national road, which not only offers a rich landscape but also avoids tolls. If you prefer public transportation, there are options like trains and buses, as well as various pre-organized tours offered by tourism agencies.

A Dive into the Village's History

Castelo de Óbidos - Personal Archive

The history of the town of Óbidos dates back thousands of years, with origins shrouded in legends and myths. Nevertheless, documented history references the Roman period, with archaeological remnants suggesting they were the first inhabitants of the area. Positioned advantageously on a hill, the town offered a privileged view of the region, strategically bolstered by its military position. Following the decline of the Roman Empire, Óbidos fell under Moorish control in the 8th century. Only in 1148 was the territory reclaimed from the Moors by King D. Afonso Henriques, becoming integrated into Christian territory. In the 13th century, the town took on special significance when King D. Dinis gifted it to his wife, Queen Santa Isabel, as a wedding present. The Óbidos Castle was renovated and expanded, becoming pivotal for the realm's defense. Despite significant damage from the 1755 earthquake that struck Portugal, the town's cultural heritage remains remarkable, boasting numerous historical buildings, walls, and cobbled streets that preserve its medieval atmosphere.

Vintage Curiosities

The Dowry Tradition:

house and flowers

One of Óbidos' most fascinating curiosities is the fact that the town was given as a wedding gift to Queen Santa Isabel, establishing the tradition of Óbidos being part of the dowry of all queens of Portugal until 1834. Moreover, Óbidos is renowned for its white houses adorned with colorful flowers, creating a perfect contrast against the blue sky and green surrounding landscape.

Tourist Attractions and Tips

Visit to Óbidos Castle: One of the city's main attractions, originally built by the Romans, the historical elements make this fortress truly unique. While you can't visit the interior, you can stay at the inn within the castle if you wish to experience something exceptional. Enjoy the blend of history and modern comfort.

Stroll along the Walls: Walking along Óbidos' ancient walls provides breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. This experience offers both historical insights and panoramic beauty.

Chocolate Festival: If you visit Óbidos during the International Chocolate Festival, prepare yourself for a delightful and irresistible experience. The town transforms into a paradise for chocolate enthusiasts, featuring impressive sculptures and amazing tastings.

Exploring Cobbled Streets: Lose yourself in the picturesque cobbled streets of Óbidos, discovering charming craft shops, cozy cafes, and enchanting houses.

Taste Ginjinha: Don't miss the opportunity to try the famous ginjinha of Óbidos, a traditional cherry liqueur that is a true local delicacy. There are several renowned brands to choose from – worth tasting to find your favorite.


Capture Bougainvillea Blooms: And be sure to admire the numerous houses adorned with bougainvillea flowers that beautifully contrast with the white architecture.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Check if your visit aligns with any of the cultural events or festivals that take place in Óbidos throughout the year. Besides the International Chocolate Festival, the town hosts medieval fairs, music events, craft fairs, and more. Not to mention the famous Christmas Village, where 'Father Christmas' is always present.


Óbidos Village Gaming: An Epic Encounter of Technology and Fun

For gaming enthusiasts, this is an unmissable opportunity: Óbidos Village Gaming, the world's first Gaming Village, held its inaugural edition between May 4th and 7th, 2023, transforming Óbidos' walls into a vibrant stage for digital entertainment. Featuring a diverse program, the event encompassed everything from Retrogames, Arcade, Videogames, Esports, Virtual Reality, and Cosplay, to influencer participation, drone shows, and iconic parties. Additionally, it offered conferences, talks, and networking at the Technological Park, bringing together professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike. The event aimed to provide an intergenerational experience, promoting gaming culture for all ages and fostering an interest in technology and games. Now, mark your calendars so you don't miss the next event!

More Information - Official Website of Óbidos Village

To uncover more about this enchanting tourist village, visit the official website at and explore all the available attractions and schedules.

Share this captivating journey through Óbidos' history and charm with fellow enthusiasts! ✨🏰 Have you had the opportunity to explore this unique town? 🏞️💫

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