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Entrepreneurship: Breaking New Horizons After Maturity

Discover why entrepreneurship has no age! Explore how coming of age is a stepping stone to new businesses and achievements, and be inspired by the examples of men and women who achieved success in later life.

Have you ever thought you wanted to start a ‘business’ and said to yourself, ‘It’s late, I should have started younger’? If you've already asked this question, know that the answer is exactly very different from what many people think. While it is common to associate entrepreneurship with the vigor of youth, the truth is that mature age reserves a valuable and transformative space for those who decide to venture into the business world.

multicolored city
Undertaking is like creating a mosaic of colors and shapes, each piece represents a unique and vibrant possibility.

Undertaking, what age to start?

After retirement, being an entrepreneur is not just about seeking material wealth, but about exploring a terrain that goes beyond finance. It is an opportunity to rekindle dormant passions, reveal latent skills and make a significant contribution to society, as your knowledge creates connections that can emerge in surprising ways if directed towards entrepreneurship. However, some people fail to realize this potential due to a kind of belief that 'old age' is coming, not realizing that they can start this phase of life again with new challenges that could, above all, be a source of income. satisfactory.

It's easy, I'm not saying it is, but it's possible, as long as there is a change in beliefs and paradigms. Some people understand that getting old is not conforming to the 'status quo', but that it can be a step to promote nonconformity with what society translates as limitation.

So, regardless of your age, the time has come to see entrepreneurship as an opportunity for personal growth and social impact. Whatever your skill or vision, if you want it, your passion can find a place in the business world.

Inspirations for a new look at undertaking

For your inspiration, below are examples of women and men who achieved success after a 'certain age'....


  • Anna Mary Robertson Moses (Grandma Moses): Started painting in the 1930s, achieving artistic recognition at age 78 for her enchanting paintings.

  • Ruth Cardoso (Brazilian): Although she did not found a business in the traditional sense, she founded social and academic projects after the age of 60, contributing to social development in Brazil.

  • Julia Child: Released her first cookbook at age 49, becoming a TV personality and influencing global cuisine.

  • Carmen Herrera: The Cuban-American artist began to receive recognition and artistic success after her 80s, proving that it is never too late for recognition in the art world.


  • Geraldo Rufino (Brazilian): Founded JR Diesel, a truck parts recycling company, after turning 50. His success story inspires many entrepreneurs.

  • Harland Sanders: Founder of the KFC snack bar chain, he sold his first franchise at the age of 62 and left behind an operation with thousands of stores around the world.

  • Joseph A. Campbell: Opened the first Campbell's Soup factory at age 52, launching a product line that became a global icon.

  • Antônio Olinto (Brazilian): He founded Agrofel, an agricultural inputs company, at the age of 65, transforming it into a reference in the agricultural sector.

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