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Balance between Aesthetics and Naturalness: The Aspirations of People Above 50 Years Old

The generation above 50 values health, making conscious choices, and aesthetics is taken into consideration. Many desire harmony between appearance and vitality, opting for minimally invasive procedures to soften marks and enhance beauty.

Satisfaction, fulfillment, and plenitude are remarkable characteristics of the generation that has surpassed the age of 50. In this phase of life, both internal and external changes occur, and it is these transformations and aspirations that we will explore in this text.

What do the 'Vintage' long for?

In the professional realm, many individuals above 50 are already established and begin to plan a reduction in their workload or even retirement. Their priorities change, and they now seek alternatives to fill their time, whether with hobbies, volunteering, physical activities, travel, or anything else they didn't have the opportunity to do before, either due to lack of time or financial resources.

This age group highly values health, making conscious dietary choices, and taking care to stay active. Additionally, aesthetics are also taken into consideration, but in a balanced manner, without comparisons or following fads. When seeking facial procedures, the goal is to achieve a natural appearance that preserves the skin's radiance, without undergoing drastic transformations or losing the essence of their appearance.

Over the years, the faces of this generation undergo natural changes, such as the appearance of fine lines on the skin, loss of muscle tone, and the reabsorption of some bones, which may lead to a decrease in support. However, these aspects are seen as predictable and expected, not causing astonishment or discontent when looking in the mirror. On the contrary, this demographic is fully aware of who they are and their true age, desiring only that their external appearance be in harmony with their youthful and lively soul and mind.

Woman and photos of smiles and lips
Dra. Helena Arantes - Cirurgiã Dentista com especialidade em harmonização facial

Dra. Helena Arantes (CRO/SC 3521 - BR) is a brazilian dentist who graduated in 1992, with post-graduate and master's degrees in public health. With over 61,320 hours of experience in facial harmonization, she dedicates herself exclusively to this specialty, becoming a reference in the city of Joinville - SC, and the surrounding region.

About Facial Harmonization Procedures

As a professional specialized in Facial Harmonization, I observe that botox procedures are the most sought after by the general public. However, the age group above 50 seeks to soften expression lines without compromising the ability of facial muscles to move. Another common complaint is the feeling of "melting" of the face, with accentuation of the nasolabial folds, known as "smile lines," as well as the formation of a "bulldog" appearance in the jawline, caused by the displacement of fat layers.

Fortunately, these last two complaints can be solved with excellent results through hyaluronic acid filler treatments. Additionally, there are available resources that naturally and healthily aid in the aging process, such as collagen stimulators. PDO threads and bioregenerators, for example, stimulate stem cells to produce more elastin and collagen through fibroblasts, resulting in thicker dermis and consequently fewer wrinkles and sagging in the medium term.

Minimally invasive treatments: Praise and patient satisfaction

It is truly gratifying to witness the surprising and transformative results of these minimally invasive treatments through the emotional testimonials of my patients. Besides receiving numerous compliments for looking rejuvenated, which fills me with professional satisfaction, they also express a deep sense of self-esteem and renewed confidence.

These procedures not only bring visible changes to their appearance but also have a significant impact on their quality of life and overall well-being. Seeing a younger and revitalized version of themselves in the mirror empowers them, making them ready to face new challenges and fully enjoy the opportunities that life offers.

To paraphrase the Brazilian actress Claudia Raia: 50 is the new 30, and 60 is the new 40!

List of the main facial harmonization procedures carried out in clinical practice:

Lip augmentation: Consists of applying hyaluronic acid to the lips to increase volume, reshape contour, or correct asymmetries.

Botox: Uses botulinum toxin to relax muscles responsible for wrinkles and expression lines, especially on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.

Facial fillers: Performed with hyaluronic acid to restore lost volume in the face due to aging, filling in wrinkles and deep lines.

Nose reshaping: Consists of correcting imperfections in the nose without the need for surgery, using dermal fillers to harmonize its shape and profile.

Botox for forehead wrinkles: The use of botulinum toxin is directed to smooth horizontal lines on the forehead, providing a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Non-surgical facelift: Can be performed using collagen stimulators, which encourage the natural production of this protein.

Dark circles treatment: Can be performed with hyaluronic acid fillers to smooth depressions and improve the appearance of dark circles.

Botox for gummy smile: Application of botulinum toxin that reduces the exposure of the gums while smiling.

Collagen stimulator: Can be achieved through the use of PDO threads or the application of products that stimulate the body to produce more collagen, applied on the face and neck.

Jaw angle fillers: A procedure more sought after by men, providing a more defined face.

NOTE: It is important to remember that we do not recommend any procedures, and each procedure requires individual evaluation. Therefore, it is essential to consult a qualified professional to obtain appropriate information and guidance.

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